About Nexus


Who Is NEXTYLE? Having the highest level of standards regardless of race, culture, religion, economic and social status, is the inalienable right of every human, and this issue has been widely considered by the family and policy makers of the country. Due to the importance of the presence of pharmaceutical and food supplements in the family food basket, Nexus Company by using the latest European technology and their localization, has started to produce pharmaceutical supplements in accordance with international standards. This company started its activities in 1399 with the aim of promoting community health by using specialized personnel. In a short period of time, due to the high quality of its products, NEXUS was able to establish an inseparable relationship with the medical community and obtained valid approvals from The FDA demonstrates. Nexus Company is proud to produce and market a group of high quality medical and nutritional supplements in the field of gynecology, orthopedics, skin and hair, and neurology.


NEXTYLE had a strong tradition of innovation. Launched as Complete from A to Z vitamins and minerals and the key nutrients like, lutein, Boron and high dose of zinc. The launch of NEXTYLE multivitamin adult reflected scientific advancements of the nutritional needs of people over 50. NEXYLE continues to innovate and build on its research heritage and leadership that are the foundations of the brand.