The second site for the production of solid drugs and the second site for the production of biosimilar drugs will be launched

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Naraghi's Charity

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April 21, 2019

Nahaleh Naraghi - nahaleh naraqi iran pharma
Actover Pharmaceutical Factories, a leading Iranian pharmaceutical company, is expanding its production capacity and entering new markets with two new production sites for solid drugs and biosimilar drugs. The company has a strong commitment to providing high-quality products at affordable prices and is committed to complying with international standards.

Naraghi Nahaleh
The CEO of Actover Pharmaceutical Factories announced

The second site for the production of solid drugs and the second site for the production of biosimilar drugs will be launched

• The main plan that you see in the future of this company, what are the cases of Actover pharmaceutical company in order to prove the effectiveness and safety of biosimilar drugs
Self-produced, so far six high-quality clinical trials, with the participation of hundreds of people
It has been designed and implemented by MS and cancer patients
Soon and in the coming months, the second solid drug production site of the clinical trial company will be under the supervision and with the approval of the Food and Drug Organization and universities of sciences.
Actover, with a capacity of 6 billion tablets and capsules per year, is the second medical production site in the country under the guidance of prominent professors of medical sciences.
The biosimilar drugs of this company comply with all international standards and have a conversation with Dr. Nahaleh Naraghi, CEO of Actover Pharmaceutical Factories.
The GMP standard will be launched. With the launch of these new factories, the volume
The production of Actover drugs has increased more than 5 times, and we have expanded the export markets, which you will read below:

The country’s medicine will be of great help.• One of your main goals is to produce biological medicines
In this field and other fields of production, how far have you been able?

• The reason for your success in communicating with foreign companies in this
What have been the years, and has this relationship changed in the current situation? May you be successful and achieve your desired goals?
Actover company is also active in the production of effective and high-quality biological drugs
and in addition to transferring the production technology of these drugs from leading international companies
October company will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary
took Half a century of continuous effort in the field of providing medicine for Iranian patients, the result of attracting foreign investment, is the quality seal in Iran.
Powerful structure in non-international language and complying with global standards of this company. Biological drugs are being produced by Actover, including interferon drugs.
It has been during the glorious period of the Islamic revolution, the imposed war, the era of beta 1- and rituximab, which is in the most equipped and up-to-date production lines.
Reconstruction after the war and even the breathtaking time of the embargo era, Actover company is producing biotechnological drugs in the country and the region. By expanding the capacity
In the near future, production of other types of biosimilar drugs in this collection
Sarbalandi has been able to pay all his financial obligations. The production line of monoclonal antibody drugs will be produced in the factory.

• What steps have been taken in the field of standardization? Actover Pharmaceuticals, using the latest technology of single bioreactors
What standards do your products have?
Used two thousand liters and as the first domestic production line with this technology. Our production lines meet all the standards of the Food and Drug Organization as well as the possibility of producing all kinds of monoclonal antibodies with high speed and capacity and without. It has acquired the quality management standards (ISO) from reference organizations and provided the risk of contamination.
Also, the approvals of international pharmaceutical companies such as Germany’s Merck and Actover’s biological drugs have caused this collection to be approved by various inspectors.
Internal and external technology has been approved and the imagination of the medical community and patients
KRKA has the capacity to produce various oral and injectable drugs. It has made Iranians comfortable in obtaining quality drugs at reasonable prices.
This company was also inspected and approved by experts for the first time
• What effect does compliance with non-international standards have on your work process?
PICs have been placed internationally.

• What production sites do you have and which of these departments are more active than one of the most important influences is that the German pharmaceutical company Merck
As one of the largest and most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world,
His main biotech for the first time outside of Europe and America, in production lines
This company does its business by producing solid drugs from the category of tablets and capsules
Start and then produce sterile biotechnology products in the form of PFS and Actover syringes. Also, by launching the only GMP production line for ampoules in
Iran, in this collection, neurobion drugs that have been available for years through sometimes impossible channels
Produced the lyophilized vial. The control was imported into the country, in the Actover factory with global quality and under license.
Also, in the last year, an advanced ampule production line for the production of medicines
Under the license of Merck, Germany, and this year, the raw material production line of Merck, Germany has been produced and provided to Iranian patients.
Actoverco pharmaceutical company, with extensive attraction of foreign investment
Biological and the development of the solids’ production line to the operational stage.
The largest pharmaceutical production site has also done other
• In the field of the production of anti-cancer sensitive drugs in the Middle East, with a view to meeting domestic and export needs.
Did Hyde? Wide, and also the largest specialized factory for the production of hormonal drugs.

Actoverco pharmaceutical company with a joint venture with one of the companies in the Middle East, which is the only production line with a standard

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