Bright future for pharmaceutical industry in Iran!

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Naraghi's Charity

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April 24, 2024

Bright future for pharmaceutical industry in Iran!

By Nahaleh Naraqi


The future of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran is bright. Although Iran’s economy is going through difficult years, this industry has managed to pass the year 2023 with better conditions in many indicators.

Obstacles and economic fluctuations and infrastructural problems that exist especially in providing the liquidity needed by the production sector, have faced many challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, like all sectors of the country’s economy, so people sometimes face problems due to the temporary shortage of some pharmaceutical items. But, the pharmaceutical industry activists in Iran have been able to supply the pharmaceutical needs of the country well and achieve a positive result of the pharmaceutical industry activity in 2023.

With all the difficulties in the field of medicine, in the past year, we witnessed the entry of about 16 new drugs into the country’s pharmaceutical portfolio, 12 of which are knowledge-based.

The production and supply of new biotech drugs and products to the pharmaceutical market of the country, along with the 11% growth statistics of the pharmaceutical industry in 2023, which was announced by the Food and Drug Organization, shows the dynamic and growing trend of the country’s pharmaceutical industry, which has a bright future for this industry.

There is no doubt that if the country’s economic environment improves and the government supports domestic production, especially private sector activists, with targeted planning and avoiding short-term views and hasty and harmful decisions, as well as facilitating the export of medicine, we can be very hopeful that the industry that the difficult and turbulent economic conditions will go through a positive performance and a growing trend and will move towards more success with a very significant acceleration.

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